Linear Statistical Models

Stata Anova Commands

Updated for Stata 11

Obtaining Stata Programs

net from

net install ???

findit ???

Stata Built-in Anova Commands
anovathe primary anova command
lonewaylarge one-way anova with random variable
manovamultivariate anova command, useful in anova also
marginsmarginal effects, adjusted means and more
onewayone-way anova

Stata Add-on Anova Commands
anovalatorAnova utiity taht works with anova, regress and more [Internet]
anovaplotplot of cell means [Internet]
cmeansplot of cell means
anovacontrastdefine and compute contrasts among levels of variables
tkcompTukey-Kramer pairwise comparisons
nonaddTukey's test of nonadditivity for randomized block designs
postgr3Post estimation graphing
prcompTukey's wsd (Tukey B) test [STB-47 sg101]
simanovaMonte Carlo robustness simulation
simpowerMonte Carlo power simulation
smetests of simple main effects
tukeyhsdTukey's hsd test
omega2omega-squared measure of strength of association

Ancillary Commands for Descriptive Statistics
tabstat y, stat(n mean sd var) by(a)table of descriptive statistics
table a, contents(freq mean y sd y)table of descriptive statistics
tabulate a, summ(y)table of descriptive statistics
sort a
by a: summarize y
descriptive statistics by group or cell

Probability Tables
ztableStandard normal distribution
ttableStudent's t distribution
chitableChi-square distribution
ftableF distribution

Linear Statistical Models Course

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