Linear Statistical Models

About Assignments


There will be eight graded course assignments in the Linear Statistical Models course. A complete list of the assignments is below:

  1. Simple linear regression
  2. Multiple regression
  3. Theoretical/interpretation: Review and critique of journal article
  4. Analysis with qualitative and quantitative predictors
  5. Completely randomized analysis of variance
  6. Completely randomized factorial analysis of variance
  7. Randomized split-plot analysis of variance
  8. Analysis of covariance

Most of the assignments will require written reports. The reports need not be extensive (anything more than 10 pages is extravagant, 5 pages is more reasonable). All printouts must be annotated to show that you know what they mean. (You may choose to cut out the relevant pieces of printout and not submit an entire computer print-out.)

A dataset is being made available to students for use on all assignments. Students are encouraged to use an alternative data set of their own choosing (especially one they are familiar with) instead of the dataset provided by the instructor. Students should consult with the instructor on the appropriateness of their dataset for use on course assignments. In addition, special arrangements may be made for alternative assignments.

For all assignments, you are encouraged to work in small groups and submit a single report. Collaborating with others has many advantages, including the opportunity to learn from each other and to exchange ideas and resources. In the workplace and other non-educational settings, working with others is the norm.

Linear Statistical Models Course

Phil Ender, 10Jan00