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Installing Stata

I. Stata Official Updates

The CD you get when you purchase Stata you does not contain the very latest version of Stata. You need to download the latest Stata binary and ado's. To download the lest verison select "Offical Updates" from the Stata Help menu. Click on Of course, your computer will need to have an Internet connection to do this. Stata will let you know whether you need to update the binary file and/or the ado files.

The ado files are updated automatically. To update the Stata binary you will need to quit Stata and change the names of two files and then restart Stata. The program will tell you which files to change.

II. Add-on Ado Files

In addiion to Stata's built-in commands there are hundreds of user written ado commands which are available to you. Most are good, some are indespensible. Here are some locations where you can find Stata ado files:

  1. Stata Technical Bulletins -- StataCorp
    net from

  2. UCLA Academic Technology Services
    net from net from

  3. SSC Archives -- Boston College
    net from

  4. Spostado -- J. Scott Long & Jeremy Freese -- Indiana University
    net from

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