Education 231C

Applied Categorical & Nonnormal Data Analysis

Left/Right Equivalency

It was stated in the multinomial logistic regression unit that the model is equivalent simultaneous tests of k-1 comparisons versus a reference group using binary logistic regression. This is similar to what happens when a multicategory predictor variable is used as a right-hand side variable. It also allows us to illustrate left/right equivalency, that is, the equivalence of using using variables as either left-hand side (lhs) or right-hand (rhs) side variables.

Example 1

Consider the following example using two dichotomous variables, female and public, from the high school and beyond dataset (hsb2).

Example 2

Now, we will use a dichotomous variable (female) and a multicategory variable (ses).

Example 3

We can do the same thing using two multicategory variables as lhs and rhs variables, in this case, ses and prog.

Example 4

Finally, let's try this with a categorical and a continuous variable.

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